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Tough Farmer

The Tough Farmer is a fun filled team event that thrives on spectator participation.

The aim of the event is to get your team to complete every day chores of the farming community, crammed into a race arena, in the shortest amount of time possible and enjoy that hard earned Frothy at the end... Whether it be moving 300 kg tractor tacks in the winter mud, moving and stacking bales of hay, carting drums of Oil, chucking kegs of beer or bashing in fence posts. The tough farmer has something in it for everyone!

This year we will be once again hosting both a Junior Tough Farmer and also the Senior Tough Farmer. The Senior Tough farmer will be fought out between a jockeys team, a farmers team, the Heythrop Ladies netball team (the current reigning champs...) and a celebrity team.  So get those wellies on, get out there, start chasing sheep, tipping cows and digging holes, then sign up on the day for a chance to win some great prizes from our fantastic sponsors the Tallis Amos Group, R-Oil and Donnington Brewery.


Terrier Racing

There will be various heats going on throughout the day immediately adjacent to the Tough Farmer arena. Don’t worry if you don’t have a terrier – as long as it can fit in the trap you can enter!

(Photographs supplied by Ian Tolputt)


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Parade of Hounds

The Radley beagles will be visiting to parade their hounds.

Radley College Beagles


Amongst the attractions this year, are the WESTERN BUNGEE RUN, the BOUNCY CASTLE, FACE PAINTING and FAIRGROUND RIDES. Click KIDSZONE for more details