Do I need to buy my tickets in advance?

No you don't, however there will be quite a queue for tickets on the gate which will also be 20% more expensive if bought on the day, so we highly recommend advance bookings.

Can I bring my dogs?

Of course. We love dogs, but do please ensure you keep them on a lead.

What happens if there is no racing due to frost or snow?

There is so much going on at Cocklebarrow, it is likely that "the show will go on". 

How do I purchase a racecard?

There will be plenty of people selling these at the entrace to the racecourse.

Is there WiFi at the Racecourse?

YES!!  Everywhere you are likely to be should have WiFi coverage courtesy of Wurzel, suppliers of high speed broadband in hard to reach rural areas.

Is there a cash machine at the Racecourse?

There is no cash machine at Cocklebarrow, however in certain places, we do accept chip and PIN payment.

Do you have an abandonment refund policy?

We regret no refunds will be made as a result of a cancelled fixture.  If racing is cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, the day will resume as normal.  All other activities will be totally unaffected (Food Heaven, Family Tent, Childrens Entertaiment, Music, Tough Farmer, Dog Racing, Hound Display.........  In other words, there will be plenty of fun to be had, so DON'T WORRY - Come along as normal, and you will barely notice racing has been abandoned. 

Is there an official photographer?

Yes.  Ian Tolputt is our official photograper.  This is his official website where photographs can be ordered:

Can I take photographs?

Amateur photography is permitted, however please refrain from using flash photography, which can distract horses or jockeys.

Can I bring a picnic?

Absolutely!!  We have a massive heated family tent specifically for you to relax in and enjoy your picnic.

Do I need a 4x4 to park?

No. If the conditions are unfavourable, there will be plenty of people around to help push or pull you out in the unlikely event you get stuck. Of course, if you have a 4x4, there’s no harm in bringing it!

What time do the gates open?

The gates open from 7.30am for the trade stands, and 9am for the public

What time is the first race?

At the moment, the first race is scheduled for around 11am, however depending on the number of entries, this may be brought forward to 10.30am.

What time is the last race?

The last race is currently scheduled for 3.30pm